Italian engineering at the service of international cooking

Lasarte-Oria (Spain)

The three Michelin stars chef Martín Berasategui

Starting from the architectural design of studio “mecanismo”, we built the wooden roof of the restaurant of the star chef Martín Berasategui in Lasarte-Oria (Spain).
We have designed and supplied wood elements with curvature in the horizontal plane, prefabricated in the factory: this has been made possible with the use of innovative production systems, of great reliability and safety. On-site assembly was done in a short time: less than 10 days to complete the wooden structure.
And all in safety because, thanks to the prefabrication, most of the executive operations were carried out at the factory. The result is remarkable: a space where all the architectural elements emphasize the special geometry and where the interior and exterior merge thanks to the permeability of the facade, composed of three curved sides that wrap the space under the wooden structure.


Architectural designer:

Studio “mecanismo” – Marta Urtasun e Pedro Rica

Structural designer:

Ing. Giovanni Spatti

Realization time:

15 days

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