Offices are the “business card” of a company.
Years of prefabrication experience, allows us to build innovative business centers, technologically advanced, that harmonize the respect for the environment with the care of people.

We build high-performance office buildings with technologies and construction systems that allow you to create stimulating environments, with high standards of quality, safety and eco-compatibility, particularly attentive to acoustic comfort and able to contain energy consumption.
Our offices are comfortable workplaces, built in full respect of the employees: because if the offices are beautiful and welcoming, the employee works better and becomes fond of the company.

Brescia (Italy)
Wood, concrete and steel for LAV.EL. Gomma offices

Wood Beton engineered the project and built the concrete outer structure, because this material achieves the required performance at a not too high cost.

Advanced technology
Wellbeing of employees
Energy efficiency