Free to design.

BE THREE is the new off-site construction paradigm.

BE THREE is a completely dry construction system that allows you to create multi-storey frame buildings with vertical structures and main elements in CAV / CAP or wood, com-pleted by XLAM floor slabs.
The structure, although prefabricated, has a high degree of hyperstaticity which, combined with the use of high-strength concrete and steel connection systems, guarantees good ductility and high performance of seismic resistance.
The system is completed by external cladding with frame-type walls including external lev-eling and frames.
BE THREE is a highly environmentally friendly system as it minimizes the consumption of concrete and wood, inserting the right material in the right place in the structural scheme and allows, as it is conceived, the dismantling of the entire structure and the envelope.
“BE THREE” is able to better meet, sometimes even anticipating, the needs and continu-ous evolutions of the building sector. In fact, it is able to adapt to every design request, ex-ploiting the peculiarities of each individual material: wood, concrete and steel, demonstrat-ing great flexibility from an architectural point of view and best respecting the construction criteria dictated by anti-seismic regulations.

1_Prefabricated concrete column
2_Prefabricated concrete beam
3_Steel connection plate
4_Secondary prefabricated concrete beam
5_X-lam prefabricated slab
6_Prefabricated timber cladding wall
7_Pre-assembled windows in the factory

Prefabricated building system
Allows design and construction flexibility
High safety on the construction site
Safety in case of fire
Short construction times
Fixed costs already in the design phase

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