Stone skin and wooden heart

“Suspended between the sky and the sea”

Classic sense of proportion and refined contemporary taste: this is a revisited traditional style, a perfect synthesis between modern architectural language and respect for the environment.
This is a house that conveys the feeling of living “suspended between the sky and the sea”, with the scent of salt that mixes with the green vegetation of the landscape.
Different materials, tradition and modernity, mix and overlap, held together by their uniqueness: each corner breathes its emotion and takes advantage of the context by blending a refined and respectful style, where everything has been made with sartorial care.



350 square meters

Architectural designer:

Architetto Stefano Ghini

Structural designer:

Giovanni Spatti – Wood Beton Spa

Systems used:

X-LAM, WOOD BETON ON SITE, Hot&Cold Prefabricated Bathrooms.

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