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Arese (Italy)

The largest shopping center in Europe

“Il Centro” is the largest shopping center in Europe, winner of the prestigious “Mapic Awards 2016”, which awards the excellence, innovation and creativity of the “Best Shopping Mall” in the world.
Wood Beton built the wooden structures with engineered systems: the walls were pre-assembled off-site, already with the external finish, and they were connected on site to the prefabricated concrete structure. The facades, the majority with a white background, are characterized by wooden decorative elements.
The construction of the hexagonal square is very interesting: the roof of the hexagonal square has been completed pre-assembling on the ground six laminated wood macro-components. Indeed, the roof is made of 6 triangular slices – the frontal side is 28,10m long. The diagonals of the hexagon (connected with a central steel ring) are 56,20 m long. The installation was completed using a tower scaffold at the center of the roof.


Architectural designer:

Arch. Michele De Lucchi – Arch. Davide Padoa

Arch. Arnaldo Zappa

Structural designer:

Ing. Giovanni Spatti

Realization time:

7 months

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