22 turnkey apartments in six months

Cremona (Italy)

An important intervention that involved the construction of twenty-two apartments in Cremona

This is a work commissioned by Istituto Diocesano Sostentamento del Clero, for the construction of twenty-two apartments, all in “Class A”, in Cremona.
Wood Beton worked as a “General Contractor” and built all the structural works and finishes, working as sole manager of the intervention and realizing everything necessary for the start and completion of the project.
The supporting structure of the building, totally pre-assembled in the factory, consists of prefabricated concrete panels for the ground floor, while the supporting perimeter walls are of the type Aria®, with a wooden structure and external concrete layer.
Also the horizontal slab and the flat roof are in wood and concrete panels (Prepanel®).
The prefabrication was the ideal means to realize the project of the Biplano Living Concept Studio, and allowed to manage the construction site effectively, reducing construction time and ensuring high product quality, with excellent thermal insulation performance and resistance in case of seismic events.

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