The largest post earthquake industrial reconstruction

Medolla (Italy)

Reconstruction of the production facilities of the Medolla Menu.

The earthquake severely affected Emilia in 2012 damaged the production factory of Menù in Medolla (Mo).
For the reconstruction, Wood Beton used laminated wood and prefabricated concrete elements: an integrated system was the winning solution.
In particular, Wood Beton used R.c. plinths: their height was reduced to the minimum in order to have shallow excavations and their dimensions were kept as small as possible to reduce the breaking of the existing floor. The connection between plinth and column is not the one with sleeve footing but with steel bars that from the foundation are inserted within special sheating that are later on made integral to the column.
The wood, instead, was used to build the upper part of the walls and for the roof. The operation of completion of the modules, constituted by the union of laminated wooden structures and pre-assembled packages, was made on site, in a nearby area (modules dimension: 12×24 m).
All this while the demolitions of the damaged structures were completed at the same time: this made it possible to considerably reduce the construction times.
In particular, a standard form (about 300 square meters of area) was built in a single day! And in just one day of launching it was possible to build an area of 1,200 square meters: an incredible amount, which allowed us to reconstruct the first three warehouses (around 12,000 square meters) in just over two months.


Architectural designer:

Yuppies Services Srl

Structural designer:

Ing. Giovanni Spatti

Realization time:

1 year

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