Inspiration to tradition and contemporary form

Cremona (Italy)

The Mariastella church in Cremona

The church of Mariastella is a religious building which houses 250 believers.
To optimize costs, the client used Wood Beton prefabricated systems: walls, slabs and roofs pre-assembled in the factory and then assembled on site.
In this case, even the bell tower was prefabricated in Iseo and then brought to the site already finished.
This has guaranteed an excellent result for the construction times, for the quality of the product and for the reduction of risks on site.

So many advantages: from increasing productivity to reducing manufacturing costs, from reducing construction time to independence of works from many environmental factors.


Architectural designer:

Studio Biplano Living Concept

Structural designer:

Ing. Giovanni Spatti

Realization time:

30 days

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