Innovative technology at the foot of Mont Blanc

Courmayeur (Italy)

L’Hotel Des Alpes in Courmayeur

“Des Alpes Hotel” in Courmayeur has a structure built with the modern green building techniques.
Wood Beton built the eight-level structure, with 130 rooms, using industrialized construction systems, which allowed the hotel to be completed very quickly.

In the factory, we built 5,800 square meters of wooden walls, covered with larch wood, then 1,700 square meters of wooden roof, all the wooden balconies and external larch cladding (3,000 square meters).
This is a modern building, but with a bit of tradition, that to revive the charm of the mountain: a hotel that brings design to high altitude.


Architectural designer:

Arch. Domenico Mazza

Structural designer:

Ing. Giovanni Spatti

Realization time:

7 months

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