An italian symbol is born under the eyes of the world.

Milano, Expo 2015

The Tree of Life, created with the “Orgoglio Brescia” Consortium

A project that originally provided for a load-bearing steel structure: Giovanni Spatti revises it and modifies its structural setting, saving 350,000 kg of steel in the face of an increase in wood of 20 cubic meters. The Tree of Life, 36 meters high and with a crown of 40, built with the “Orgoglio Brescia” Consortium, has a laminated larch wood structure, consisting of 24 coils, 12 of which are right-handed and 12 left-handed. Each spire is made up of 19 segments and, in turn, each segment is composed of 5/6 pieces, for a total of 11392 pieces of wood. The assembly provided for the construction of the canopy on the ground and its subsequent shooting at high altitude through the use of hoists and hoists: this solution allowed the workers to work in conditions of absolute safety, allowing to optimize assembly times.


Architectural concept:

Marco Balich

Structural designer:

Ing. Giovanni Spatti

Realization time:

3 months

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