Technology and innovation for “i Sassi”.

Lainate (Mi)

The ACI safe driving centre

The “Sassi” are two buildings located in the ex-Alfa Romeo area and they are the place of the Safe Driving Centre, in Lainate (Milan).
The central part of the pavilions is composed of prefabricated concrete beams and columns while the perimeter is composite of prefabricated concrete and wooden elements. The roof is made in wood.
In this way, the qualities of the different materials have been optimized: the elegance and lightness of the wooden structures, combined with solidity of the concrete structures.
Through the high level of industrialization, it was possible to build the project in a very short time: less than five months for a turnkey work, that is for the structural part and for all finishes and MEP installations.


Architectural designer:

Arch. Michele De Lucchi

Structural designer:

Ing. Giovanni Spatti

Realization time:

4 months

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