World Day for Safety at Work: Wood Beton’s pledge

28 April 2022

A safe world of work, for everyone, without distinction, following clear values and objectives on a daily basis. Ever since it was established, Wood Beton Spa has made worker safety one of the cornerstones of its vision. An intent that takes shape every day thanks to research and technological innovation, essential features to always aim for the best safety standards.

An important anniversary for Wood Beton, with an eye to the UN 2030 Agenda
On the occasion of the World Day for Health and Safety at Work, which is celebrated on 28th April every year, Wood Beton reaffirms the very important values that underpin its corporate philosophy and are also part of the objectives of the UN 2030 Agenda, a programme of action for people, planet and prosperity signed on 25th September 2015 by the governments of the member countries of the United Nations and approved by the UN General Assembly.

According to this perspective, the Brescia-based company, which today has already achieved as many as 10 of the goals set by the 2030 Agenda, offers the market innovative systems that make the difference, with particular reference to the issue of safety for workers: in fact, thanks to the use of industrialised construction technologies, Wood Beton operators can work in safe conditions, both in the factory and on site.

“The construction of the elements in the factory allows workers to work in temperature-controlled conditions, protected from the weather and, above all, on the ground. The same concept applies to the construction site, since industrialised construction creates conditions that allow a considerable reduction in workers’ time at height: since we are dealing with prefabricated elements, the human resources present during the assembly phase of the structures are truly minimal and, in any case, they work using a support surface that allows them to move around safely. Safety, therefore, inevitably passes through the construction system,” explained Giovanni Spatti, CEO of Wood Beton Spa.

Safety to be achieved starting from culture
For Wood Beton, however, safety cannot only have a practical value, but must also acquire a popular connotation: this is why the company invests in articles, conventions and dedicated events on this important subject, trying to project operators to achieve high safety standards in the building world as well.

360° innovation at the basis of safety
Wood Beton’s safety is not just a matter of complying with legal requirements or company rules, but above all it is a “modus operandi”, which necessarily passes through innovation. “Wood Beton constantly aims to acquire cutting-edge technological skills to develop ideas to improve its standards: all this takes place with patents, new technologies and the creation of new construction systems and products. Today, from a technological point of view, we have reached important goals thanks to continuous research and the projection towards a new type of building, the off-site one, which will be the real building of the future,” concluded Mr Spatti.

Building in the factory and assembling on site, therefore, because doing everything that can be done outside the site in a protected place, leaving only what is strictly necessary to the construction site, improves the quality of the working environment, promoting maximum safety for all operators.