The Claw House

ISEO (Italy)

The new exclusive “Model House” in Iseo

The “CLAW HOUSE” is the new exclusive house built in Iseo, which Wood Beton offers to the most demanding customers and able to appreciate innovative architecture.
It is an original house for its special shape: it is possible to modulate the shape, the opening and the dimensions and obtain a unique final result, leaving the architecture unchanged.
An idea that revolutionizes the construction sector: the module, very simple in the distribution system and in the technological structure, can be freely customized with the client, creating various high-quality housing solutions.
This is the key concept of this progressive industrialization of the building industry.



150 square meters

Architectural designer:

Botticini + Facchinelli ARW srl stp

Structural designer:

Giovanni Spatti – Wood Beton Spa

Systems used:


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