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Downalod the prefabricated bathrooms brochure

Wood Beton projects in the market a new image of prefabricated bathroom: a product of excellent quality, made with the use of industrialized technologies.
We build prefabricated bathrooms of all kinds, from the cheapest to the most expensive and design lines.

Our prefabricated bathrooms are completely pre-assembled in the factory and consist of a light steel structure that allows to obtain a high rigidity with a moderate weight, especially when compared with the traditional lightweight concrete structure.
The bath is complete with installations, both hydraulic and electric, tested according to the regulations of the country of destination.
The waterproof of the bathroom is very important: for this reason every prefabricated bathroom pod is subject to severe and rigid tests to verify the reliability of the waterproofing.
The waterproofing is carried out using a flexible sheet membrane rather than a liquid membrane.
The last step to build the bathroom is the laying of the floor, the wall finishing and the installation of the sanitary wares.

1_Ceiling composed of:  mineral wool insulation, gypsum, fibre board (internal and external) and supporting  metal sections
2_Internal cladding with ceramic tiles
3_Concrete base
4_Internal gypsum fibre board
5_Mineral wool insulation
6_Structure with metal profiles: studs and/or channels
7_External  gypsum plasterboard
Installation on site

The use of prefabricated bathroom allows easy installation.
In fact, the bathrooms are complete with every detail: they do not need additional work on site, so when they are on destination, you have to place them, connect the drains and the plumbing and the electrical system. So, the bathrooms are ready.
In this way, the final idea of building an excellent product, is achieved easily, with a considerable saving of time compared to the timing of a traditional method.

Each prefabricated bathroom produced by Wood Beton is tested before being delivered to the construction site.
The bathroom is located on site and the installation is very simple: the systems, namely electrical, hydraulic and ventilation, are connected and put into operation.
The bathroom is equipped with every finishes, so this operation is very fast: in about two hours the bathroom is ready to use!


Each prefabricated bathroom is “tailor made”, with a design that meets every need, according to the imperative “maximum freedom of choice”.

Customers require, in fact, customized projects, with specific needs: our highly qualified team responds to any request, and builds unique and exclusive bathroom.
The construction process has a dedicated person, who plans and supervises the development of the product: from design to construction, up to installation and after-sales service. A complete turnkey service.
The high quality achieved with prefabrication, convince designers to use this solution in different sectors, from industry to hospitality, from hospital to residential construction, always observing an adequate order number for the product’s serial production.

Why do you use modular systems?

Short installation times
Cost reduction
Guaranteed price
Controlled quality in factory
Maximum efficiency
Works to perfection

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