Wood Beton celebrates “Earth Day 2022”

22 April 2022

Planet Earth: our “home” par excellence, the place where we all live and which unites us above all.

“Earth Day” is today, Friday 22 April and celebrates the environment and the protection of the globe. Born sixty years ago, in 1962, after the publication of the environmentalist book “Silent Spring” by American biologist Rachel Carson, and certified by the UN and Unesco awards, “Earth Day” has a popular value for nearly 200 nations.

With this in mind, Wood Beton has always followed the “North Star” of attention to the environment and energy saving implemented in each proposed solution.

The fight against global temperature rise is one of the great challenges we have to face: to reduce the Carbon Footprint, we design and build alternative and innovative products and systems, with industrialized production methods, which try to integrate all construction materials, according to specific needs. In our opinion this is the first factor of sustainability and respect for the environment: a reduction in the consumption of material already at the beginning of the project. It is essential to know how to use the right material in the right place, “hybridizing” wood, concrete or steel, because each has specific peculiarities.

But let’s remember that change and respect for the planet starts with us: from small gestures that we must acquire or improve and that, all united, make the difference. Reducing water consumption, using combustion vehicles when not necessary, disposing of waste in the best possible way, are all things we can do without effort.

Let us remember today, April 22 “Earth Day”, but above all, in all the other 364 days of the year.