Thirty years of experience in the hospitality sector makes us the ideal partner to build hotels that meet every tourist need.

The hotels are complex realizations, for the quality and quantity of technical aspects, for the attention and the management that these structures require and because the solutions must be analysed and developed already in the design phase.
The construction of a hotel requires, in fact, particular attention to the level of comfort of the rooms, the type of tourist structure, and the regulations in force.
Our experience in the hotel sector allows us to build high performance structures, with special installations of individual rooms and common areas, to satisfy the request for inspection of the cavities and technical spaces.

Courmayeur (Italy)
Innovative technology at the foot of Mont Blanc

“Des Alpes Hotel” in Courmayeur has a structure built with the modern green building techniques.
Wood Beton built the eight-level structure, with 130 rooms, using industrialized construction systems, which allowed the hotel to be completed very quickly.

High level of environmental comfort
Safety in case of fire
Acoustic insulation in the rooms
Cost optimization

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The growing demand for services for the elderly and the reduction of public resources requires public-private partnerships.
For this reason, in order to build health and social units, we are partners of various private and public entities: Municipalities, Regions, Companies for Health Services or Social Welfare Consortium.

The Retirement Homes are structures dedicated to elderly people who are not self-sufficient, who need medical, nursing or rehabilitation assistance.
With our industrialized construction systems, we build structures that offer domestic type accommodations, organized to respect the privacy of guests but that stimulate socialization among people.

Nembro (BG)
30 new spaces for the elderly

Wood Beton built the new Day Center for the elderly with dementia in Nembro (Italy). For this intervention, Wood Beton used wooden walls, with excellent insulation values, ​​and for the flat roof Preconnect®, the prefabricated construction system.

Specific construction system
Construction costs compatible with the specific designated use
Easy maintenance of the structures
Installation optimizations
Disassembly and reuse of the structure


With our construction systems designed for these types of structures, we build student residences easy to manage in the interest of all actors, namely operators and owners. This allows an increase in the volume of investments and a decrease in risk that allows an increase in asset value.

To build the student residences, we focus on the efficiency of construction techniques that must offer the possibility to designers to develop spaces that exceed the model of the classic dormitory, with particular attention to the aspects of the social life of the people who will occupy those spaces.
Our structures are easy to maintain and durable over time, to optimize the overall cost of the intervention.
We use technologies that consider the possibility of degradation over time, but that ensure the control and ease of maintenance interventions.

Innovate construction technologies
Minimum building maintenance
Maximum durability over time
Low environmental impact
Manage our costs carefully
Disassembled structure